2020 new log type 41mm watch (green Roman gray face)
Item Description
2020 new log type 41mm watch (green Roman gray face)
Highlight 1: GD factory's new Citizen movement, factory movement inspection and adjustment! The appearance details are synchronized with the original authentic! Really both inside and outside
Highlight 2: The original factory accessories are the same, and the exclusive custom three codes are in one, that is: the model and number of the watch number, identity card, and bar code label are the same, and there is no duplication
Highlight 3: Correct the 41mm official synchronous original buckle, polish the five-bead bracelet parts! Really build affordable Citizen based on the quality standards of major manufacturers
Highlight 4: The bar scale continues to be filled with high-efficiency, super-strong, long-lasting luminous powder from the GD factory, and the luminous quality is comparable to the original! The literal plate is exquisite in workmanship, and the fonts, scales and details are all derived from the craftsmanship of a large factory, comparable to the original
Highlight 5: Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass mirror, anti-reflective convex transparent magnification (2.5 digits) calendar window, original magnification synchronization, clear and transparent reading of time and calendar
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